A place that changes and moves in tune with the environment.

Like the seasons of the year, which flow naturally one after the other.

The freshness of summer 

The swaying of the waves and the sea breeze has brought with it our summer menu. Peaches, tomatoes and seaweed will live with us the brightest days and the shortest nights of the year.

A banquet of colors and flavors is born as the heat unfolds.

Autumn nostalgia

The purity of winter

The beauty of spring

Autumn nostalgia
The harshness of winter
The beauty of spring

2 Estaciones is a commitment to seasonal cuisine and change as a constant expression. 

An authentic philosophy that has earned them the Bib Gourmand distinction from the Michelin Guide, but whose ultimate goal is to reach the diner. In every season there is change and, above all, evolution. Because to transform the world, the product must first be transformed.

The two faces of 2 Seasons

2 very different seasons. Meet the team.